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entre la culture, l'architecture et la mer

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Bed & Breakfast

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The B&B Alla Casa Sconta is situated in an independent wing of an ancient farmhouse recently restored in Trieste in Roiano area. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 of them provided with bathroom and the third one with bathroom to its exclusive use; a large fully equipped kitchen for exclusive use; as well as the garden. All immersed in the Green and in the quiet but 15 min. walk from the train station and 20 min. walking distance from the historic centre of the city. Close to the sea. In the countryside.

Informations locales

Between karst lands and sea this is border country, with the Adriatic on one side and a stark karst promontory on the other. The land is characterised by the scents and colours of the Mediterranean maquis, intensified by the bracing air of the Bora wind. There is a special kind of air right up here in the easternmost corner of the Upper Adriatic, here in this blue-tinged Mitteleuropean city. People here love going to the sea, and the beach resorts - or 'bagni', in local slang - are frequented all the year round, for sunbathing, swimming or just strolling.
Piazza dell'Unità is one of the loveliest and biggest sea-front city squares in the world.
The wealth of architectural styles in the palaces in Trieste is remarkable: Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Eclectic and Baroque, coexisting in a harmonious blend with Roman remains, eighteenth century buildings and Hapsburg style buildings.
The coastline is characterised by white cliffs and rocks, with little bays and footpaths through the Mediterranean vegetation.
Miramare and Duino have castles directly on the sea front.
The karst promontory, as well as having unmistakable colours, traditions and flavours, also has a number of unique natural attractions, such as the Grotta Gigante, the biggest cave visitable by tourists in the world.
Nature reserves include the Miramare sea reserve, the cliff area of Duino, Val Rosandra, and the Lanaro and Orsario mountains.


B&B Alla Casa Sconta was opened recently in a 1820 's farmhouse located in the rione of Aurini: hidden in the green, close to the city centre, at the foot of the hills surrounding the city, halfway between the sea and the Carso.
Not far from the central station and well served by public transport, it is located a few minutes from the long road that from the heart of the city along the Gulf stretching for 20 kilometres of spectacular views.
From B&B you can reach in a short time all places of tourist interest, or rest in the garden of the House among trees and flowers and enjoy a glass of local wine on the porch.
An area of the garden is dedicated to children.
"Ala Casa Sconta" is the home of Albert and Roberta who restored the ancient building while respecting the environment and the original structure and live here with three daughters, the dog and cat home.

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