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Atmosphère magique

La Locanda di Villa Toscana

détente et saveurs antiques

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Bed & Breakfast

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The lowest prices are for stays of 2, 7 or more nights.

Mobile: +39.335.6852353 - +39.339.5070881
Telephone: +39.0586.671936 - +39.0586.680193
Fax: +39.0586.636887

Description du logement

The rooms are furnished by us, as the whole House, they have a complete elegant sobriety, not to be obvious, given by the charm of antique furniture chosen with experience derived from our antiquarian profession.
Scented linen sheets, a frame, a book, an object of the past, all in the intention of evoking home.

Informations locales

Locanda Villa Toscana Bed & Breakfast is in the little village of Bibbona, retired on a hill in Tuscany, 8 Km. far from the sea and immersed among wonderful olive trees and vineyards.
We have chosen Bibbona to realize our Locanda because at first, one of our aims was to settle there our house, since we immediately loved this village where time seems to stop.
Bibbona is along a strip of land that God wanted to be almost perfect: the vegetation in the beginning, an almighty hill, the sea, the expanse of the shores sheltered by the Mediterranean pinewood.
A group of old people that play cards, a old barber and many other little houses that are matched in a language of colours and leave the cottage to express at its best its tie with the land.
Bibbona is gathered on a hill where you may enjoy the view of the sea.
Among the fruits that continue till nowadays to enrich our meal, this hill offers olive oil and wine, worthy of the best Tuscany traditions.
To have relaxing strolls in the nature, long lanes in one of the oldest wood in the area called "Macchia della Magona" are waiting for you. It is an area of 1635 hectares, protected by the Regional Authority in order to ensure the development of flora and fauna.
From Bibbona you may fast reach the most important historical routes such as Bolgheri (8 Km.), Castagneto Carducci (19 Km.), Suvereto (47 Km), Massa Marittima (71 Km.).
Thanks to the net of streets, main roads and motorways, you may fast reach the most famous cultural towns in Tuscany: Volterra (34 Km.), San Gimignano (63 Km.), Siena (85 Km.), Florence (126 Km.), Lucca (93 Km.), Pistoia (132 Km.), Pisa (70 Km.), Livorno (64 Km).
For those who love nature, the coast offers numerous and different opportunities: the seaside and pinewoods of Marina di Bibbona (8 Km.), the sea of the Isle of Elba (Piombino: 50 Km.) and other isles scattered in the Tuscany Archipelago.


Locanda Villa Toscana is the achievement of a long path begun from our antique and furnishing shop called "Villa Toscana", where house is life, with colours and scents interspersed with emotions.
Breathing the magic air of our land, we thought to turn this old village house into a place where everybody may have a rest and spend a holiday tasting the ancient savours.
For this reason we have chosen a village with its peculiarities that match our taste for the wabi shabby chic: this means plain, passed through the times and unique.
A promise of harmony that brings us back to a house among nature and also not protected by nature. A tribute to imperfection that turns into exclusiveness.

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