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Bed & Breakfast

Description du logement

All the rooms of the B&B Tenuta Patolicchie are equipped with TV set , DVD player, refrigerator, air conditioned and a bathroom with all accessories. It is also available a laundry service, a parking andboarding horse for pets. The price of the room includes the rent of the bicycles reserved to the guests.


Tenuta Patolicchie, situated less than 1 km from the sea, is completely immerged in a wonderful olive-grove. From there, in few minutes it is possible to reach the superb Otranto, town famous for the beauty of the monuments and the richness of its history. The “Tenuta”, furnished according to the tradition of Salento, is composed of two floors and a swimming pool surrounded by a vast garden: the ideal place to get a tan while being delighted at the wonderful landscape where the land and the sky are melting in an explosion of colors.
At the ground floor the guests have at their disposal a kitchen with barbecue and a large arcade.
The land-lords like to offer to the guests a rich and genuine breakfast.

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