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Type de structure

Bed & Breakfast

Description du logement

The living quarters are formed by completely furnished and fitted apartments situated on the first floor of the building and include: a living room with an extractable bed-sit sofa, a double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom with shower, balconies and/or terraces looking onto a vast garden. The porch, a barbecue, external baths with hot water showers, a parking lot, a lounge are but a few of the facilities offered.


Where we are

Near the lighthouse of Punta Stilo, the Temple of Zeus and the Archaelogical area of the ancient Magnogreek city of Kaulon.
On the Ionic sea, on the territorial boundary of the provinces of Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro, 800 metres from the inhabited centres of Monasterace (RC) and Guardavalle (CZ) where there are all kinds of shops, restaurants, chemists’ and sports grounds.
You can reach the house by a road 200 metres from the Strada Statale Jonica 106, towards the beach, at the mouth of the Assi torrent.
The place and its special position offer a completely restful and peaceful holyday. There is also the possibility of organizing excursions in the nearby villages of the Vallata Bizantina dello Stilaro (Bivongi, Pazzano, Stilo), the Marmarico Falls and the hinterland, suggestive and enchanting for the beauty of the landscape, up to Serra San Bruno.

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